Our publishing units

Serves Lutheran churches with resources that support worship 

and music, faith formation, 

and congregational life. 

Who we are

Develops faith formation resources for children, youth, and adults that spark 
new life in Christian communities. 

For over 200 years 1517 Media and its predecessor houses have created resources that boldly communicate the liberating grace of God, engaging with culture to reach ever-widening audiences. We seek to energize communities and make a real difference in the lives of today’s Christians by living out this simple motto: Always reforming.

Supports higher education faculty, students, clergy, and church leaders with resources for the classroom, research, and individual study.

Creates entertaining books, Bibles, and videos for today’s Christian families that help parents fit faith into everyday life.

Our culture

We build resources to make a difference. We work passionately, channeling our creativity and collaboration into messages of knowledge, light, and hope to churches, classrooms, and homes. We feel called to this work, and nurture both ideas and people in everything we do.

Work ≠ Life

Balance matters.




On the job and at home.

Our name reflects our heritage

In the year 1517, Martin Luther challenged the church to reform itself and communicate the good news of God’s abiding grace. He used the media of the day to spread his hope-filled message. At 1517 Media, we are rooted in our Lutheran heritage and the gifts of the Reformation, making full use of media old and new to continuing our reforming mission.

Who works here

We are writers, editors, designers, developers, project managers, researchers, and analysts, working in community to bring change to the world.


Learn. Contribute. Be a part of something bigger. 

Really participate in getting important things done.

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We are the ministry of publishing of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America