1517 Media

Life together.

200 Years and Counting

Throughout our history, 1517 Media has been committed to helping Christian communities and individuals encounter a loving, gracious God and grow in faith, understanding, and response. We create resources for Christian worship and faith formation, for academic study and professional development, and for individual edification and spiritual growth. We have always embraced the media of the day to meet people where they are, in their lives and in their communities.

Our Publishing Units

The 1517 Media Organization

1517 Media is organized around our publishing units that develop and bring to market our products and services and central services that support them with an industry-leading focus on efficiency and innovation. 1517 Media central services include Business Intelligence, Content Management, Design, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Purchasing, Sales and Service, and Web Development.

Our Leadership

Tim Blevins

President & CEO

John Rahja


Sandy Amundson

VP Human Resources